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Healthy Connected Relationships



We understand that life is a delicate balance between “science” and “art”. What if you could find a way to combine the art of deeply satisfying, connected relationships, with the science behind the “how” and “why” of success in life.

Your life is a rich and unique narrative that could be portrayed via your own exclusive, personally recorded documentary. This individual production captures an unchangeable plot, depicting the sequences of your particular story, including distinctive characters, scenes and past events that are impossible to be edited or deleted.  What if… you could push pause and take the time you need to develop new skills? What if… instead of yearning for a button to edit your story, you could compose a more climactic plot change? What if… you could connect with others on a deeper level? Discover a healthier style of relating to others? Improve work and family relationships? What if… through working with horses, you could transform your monochromatic life story into a technicolor, 4K resolution, state-of-the-art, cinematic experience?



Throughout life, many people experience trauma in one form or another. Trauma can include physical or emotional abuse, abandonment, rejection or loss. It can occur in utero due to a less than desirable pre-birth environment. It can result from a one-time event, such as a car accident or painful medical procedure. Complex trauma can occur in the context of ongoing abusive or neglectful parent-child relationships, or result from living in a war torn area. Trauma can have a significant impact on how we relate to and connect with children, marital partners, or extended family members.  It can limit our success at work, church, and in other social settings. What we know is, the brain is “plastic” (adaptable) Repetitive, rhythmic, predictable relationship can help create new, healthy pathways in the brain.



Adopts is a program of Bethany Christian Services.  Little Springs Farm, LLC partners with Bethany Christian Services to provide an equine version of their ADOTPS program for their post adoption clients. 

Two days a week, Little Springs Farm, LLC partners with the BCS Reading office, which is the only location where ADOPTS is offered with an equine component.  This program is facilitated by an equine therapy team consisting of a master’s- level BCS therapist, an LSF equine professional, and a horse. Sessions are conducted in a non-threatening, outdoor setting, where participants receive all the benefit a horse farm can provide.  This program is experiential in nature, enabling participants to feel connected to their therapy team very quickly.


Recreational Riding

The Little Springs Farm, LLC Recreational Riding program is customized to meet the specific goals of your family. This program is a positive, sensory rich, relationship building experience that enhances self-esteem and encourages healthy social interaction. This equine-assisted learning program is facilitated by trauma informed, Natural Lifemanship trained practitioners. While therapeutic in nature, this is not psychotherapy. As such, it is not facilitated by a mental health practitioner.   

State-Wide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) respite funds may be obtained through approved affiliates, and applied to this program.  Families self-refer by calling the SWAN Helpline at: 800-585-SWAN (7926.)  

Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAPTM)

Natural Lifemanship’s TF-EAP: The New Standard in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Natural Lifemanship founded Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, which is based on the neuroscience of human and horse brain development, the impact of trauma, and the role of relationships in recovery and healing. NL’s intentional and relational way of working with horses in the therapy process has become the new standard in EAP. 


Little Springs Farm staff is trained in developmental neuroscience at the foundation of trauma-informed care, and the relationship principles found effective in helping humans and horses connect in ways that heal and transform both. 



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