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Cindy is a knowledgeable and caring professional. She and her Farm are dedicated to helping others and to collaborating with other agencies to create accessibility to these invaluable services. She ensures up to date treatment by attending continuing education workshops and shares her knowledge to further the field. Cindy was kind enough to offer her expertise and experiences for my doctoral dissertation. She was accessible, warm, and incredibly proficient in her craft. She demonstrated insightfulness and affection for her work. Thank you for all you offer!


- Hillary Hayen,

Immaculata PsyD candidate"



"There are no words to possibly convey my gratitude for you, your time and your patience towards our family. (My child) has LOVED every single second of the lessons under your care and has made tremendous personal growth since being around Johnny…and you, of course as well. We are blessed that you have made yourself available to families like ours that are walking through tough challenges but offering a safe place for our children to land, share and grow. Your impact is felt in every facet of our lives and thank you. Thank you for everything, every kind word, every smile, every bit of patience and every chance that (my child) gets to spend in the company of the amazing experience that is Little Springs Farm." (Anonymous Parent.)


"This program has reminded me again how important it is to be “intentional” in my parenting, and to spend one-on-one time with each child."


"A note full of appreciation for a beautiful experience with you today. We don’t often get to focus, breathe and relax in our current situation and having you give us those moments meant the world to both of us. We are grateful beyond words for your demeanor, patience, energy and time. It was the most perfect lesson and the time spent in your company gave (my child) an amazing lifted spirit that will carry us both for days! "


"The things I enjoyed about the Recreational Riding program are; the wonderful, peaceful setting of LSF, seeing my child “just totally” enjoying himself, to actually be able to ride and work with horses, and to be able to try new things with a horse. We enjoyed The Brain Workbook, and all the activities I was able to be involved with."


"May God richly bless you for such a wonderful job you are doing through this program! Your kindness and caring ways has touched hearts and lives! "


"It has been a blessing to see our daughter step out and try something new. The program helped to “polish her diamond in the rough.” Now (our child) can shine like the diamond God created her to be. "

"It was refreshing to see adults modeling good connecting with the children each week. (Especially when I was feeling frazzled by the demands of summer vacation.)"

"Our son’s confidence started timid around the horses and now it’s the highlight of our week! "

"We enjoyed the positivity of the Rec Riding program, and the encouragement to stretch outside of the normal “comfort zone,” trying new things. "

"Our daughter had changed since she started riding at the farm. I don’t know if it is the current course, or just riding in general. My husband first mentioned it in probably late August… I was slow to get my hopes up… I thought the pressures of school would bring out the old behaviors… But she continues to do well! This is the best we’ve seen in years… She has some bad days, but I can tell myself tomorrow will be better and it usually is. Thank you for your part in this! Praising God. "

"You have a beautiful ministry and a calming environment. A person can easily feel encouraged and inspired."

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