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Natural Lifemanship importantly emphasizes the principles guiding the horse-human relationship over any specific practices or techniques. The relationship is the center of everything we do at NL. It is both the means and the end of TF-EAP. It is both the driver of transformation and the reward at the end of the process. When it comes to the healing of trauma and most mental health disorders, an integrated, healthy relationship with self and others is the goal.  Natural Lifemanship for the mental health field facilitates a process whereby clients are able to address and move through past or present damaging life circumstances, understand how those circumstances affect their current interactions, and make the personal changes necessary for healthy, fulfilling relationships in the present and future. 

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The NL process helps people make positive, lasting changes in their relationship with “self” and others.

The NL process begins with a sound understanding of the brain, specifically the way it develops and organizes when we are young. As infants, we learn the world is a safe place when our needs are met. Similarly, when caregivers do not respond in a predictably soothing manner, our intimate relationships become associated with stress. 

Before the field of trauma-informed care made this information widely known, we would ask the question, “What’s wrong with you (or me)?” Now that we know more, we can compassionately ask, “What has happened in your life that has caused you to have these patterns that no longer serve you; and how can I help you change them?”

A sound principle is a sound principle no matter where it’s applied. The principles we explore with our clients and our horses are the same principles that guide and influence all our relationships. As we practice new thoughts and behaviors, we begin to replace old patterns that no longer serve us well. Out with the old… in with the new!


The Natural Lifemanship discovery process is guided by principles, not based upon a set of rules that need to be followed.

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