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Are you tired of talk therapy with minimal visible results?  Are you looking for something therapeutic your child or loved one is excited about? In our equine therapy program participants learn by doing instead of talking.  By developing a relationship with a horse we utilize the physiology and psychology of the horse to impact and bring healing to the physiology and psychology of humans.  

Most of our work takes place on the ground, side-by-side with our equine partners.  Horses don't judge or place blame; instead they respond to connection, allowing participants to relationships without preconditions.  


People experience trauma in many ways. Whether from physical or emotional abuse, abandonment or rejection, trauma can have a significant impact on our relationships and our ability to relate effectively with others. It can lead to challenges in our family dynamics with our children, spouse or extended family members.  It can limit our potential at work, in social settings or anywhere we interact with others.  Spending time at Little Springs Farm, connecting with one of our horses provides an opportunity to begin to understand and develop how to build a healthy connected relationship that can begin to impact other significant and important relationship in life.


Cindy Martin

Executive Director

Equine Professional

Recreational Riding Practitioner

Little Springs Farm, LLC

*2001- Owner/Executive Director; Little Springs Farm, LLC

*2015- In partnership with Bethany Christian Services of Central Pa

*2020- Natural Lifemanship Certified Equine Professional

Cindy Martin, Executive Director and owner of Little Springs Farm, LLC, leads a team of professionals who facilitate various Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs that enrich the lives and relationships of families and individuals.

Cindy’s passion for equine therapy began when she was ten years old. The child of a family friend struggled to remain regulated, was easily distracted, unable to focus, and was destructive to personal property. Most asked with frustration, “What’s WRONG with this kid?” Cindy’s compassion led her to ask a different set of questions. She wanted to know what happened, and what could be done to help. Throughout life, Cindy was drawn to horses, children, and those who were hurting.

Past experiences include Assistant Resident Director at Hesston College, Program Director for Time Out Children’s Ministry, Children and Youth exercise instructor, 4-H Horse and Pony Club Leader, Youth Rodeo Coach, riding lesson instructor and owner/manager of a horse boarding business.

Today, you will often see Cindy leading tours and sharing her experiences with anyone who wants to learn about equine therapy. Sharing the farm with others brings her JOY and she enjoys collaborating with various agencies, ministries and groups to help bring encouragement, support, healing and growth to all those who bravely enter the arena!

Other passions include traveling the world on missions trips which have taken her to many countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. She also loves the beach and perhaps most of all spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Our Team
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