ADOPTS is a program of Bethany Christian Services


Little Springs Farm, LLC partners with Bethany Christian Services to provide an equine version of their ADOTPS program for their post adoption clients. The first partnership of its kind, this program started in 2015 has produced amazing results for families seeking to successfully integrate their adopted children into their family and overcome the challenges of building trusting connected relationships with parents and their bio-siblings.  

When a child is added to your family through adoption, he or she may come with traumatic experiences that make it difficult for them to grow and develop healthy attachments, relationships, and behaviors. Despite your love, lifelong commitment to your child, and your safe, nurturing home, your child may continue to suffer from the effects of previous traumas. The ADOPTS program offers a unique, specialized, trauma-focused treatment for adopted children that helps them understand past experiences, enabling them to thrive in their families. ADOPTS addresses the impact of traumatic experiences on children prior to adoption and helps families acquire the tools to develop healthier coping skills.

Two days a week, Little Springs Farm, LLC partners with the BCS Reading office, which is the only location where ADOPTS is offered with an equine component.  This program is facilitated by an equine therapy team consisting of a master’s- level BCS therapist, an LSF equine professional, and a horse. Sessions are conducted in a non-threatening, outdoor setting, where participants receive all the benefit a horse farm can provide.  This program is experiential in nature, enabling participants to feel connected to their therapy team very quickly.


Trauma That Leads to Distress

Traumatic experiences can shake the foundation of our beliefs about safety and shatter our assumptions of trust. Fortunately, most of us have the ability to work through traumatic events with the help and support of family, friends, our faith, and (when necessary) specialized professionals.

Many children who have experienced multiple traumas continue to struggle with lasting effects that can lead to a number of difficulties (concentration, attention, relationships anxieties and fears, instability, etc.) The result may cause emotional and behavioral problems at home and school, and in the community.

To prevent or reduce distress, where can you turn?

At Little Springs Farm, your family can find hope through the equine ADOPTS program. ADOPTS is an effective program that equips you and your children with skills to;

  • Develop healthy expressions of emotions.

  • Understand the effects of past trauma.

  • Build personal strengths.


How ADOPTS Works

BCS has based it’s ADOPTS treatment model on a nationally recognized, promising practice model (A.R.C.) developed by the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute in Boston, MA. At Little Springs Farm, LLC, the program incorporates Natural Lifemanship principles, including Relationship Logic and Rhythmic Riding.



A master’s-level BCS therapist conducts a thorough trauma assessment and evaluation to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your family. As a team, the mental health provider and equine professional develop an individualized therapy plan for your child.

Individualized Therapy

ADOPTS includes twelve to eighteen sessions of caring, supportive, trauma-focused therapy emphasizing healing from past traumas and growing skills to help you and your child move forward in your family. With the help of the equine therapy team, your child will learn skills for emotion management, relationship enhancement, social situations and self-identity.

Results Speak for Themselves

Using the traditional ADOPTS model (not including horses) kids say;

  • 94% say they are “good-great” at dealing with their feelings now.

  • 94% say they are “good-great” at getting along with other kids.

  • 88% describe how they get along with their families as “good-great.”

  • 97% are better able to understand what their child is feeling.

  • 95% feel that ADOPTS is a valuable support to families with traumatized children.

  • 95% have improved their skills to parent their child.

  • 95% say that their child has learned new skills to deal with trauma.