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Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Learning

Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Learning

We offer an extensive array of Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Learning (TI-EAL) programs for groups and individuals of any age and demographic. Each course is designed to address a specific need within the community, and all are facilitated by trauma-informed practitioners and equine professionals. EAL programs are experiential in nature, are not facilitated by mental health professionals, and are not covered by health insurance.

What we know is, trauma happens in relationships, so it can only be healed in relationships. We believe that lasting change happens best when we’re having fun, we feel safe, and when we’re experiencing hands on interactions with someone we trust. We don’t just talk about connecting, we help you discover what being connected feels like in the moment; first in your body and then expanding out to those around you.

We collaborate with various community affiliates providing a peaceful setting to focus on stress management, nutrition, exercise and other health and wellness goals. We serve professionals impacted by chronic stress and fatigue. Our “MiMi and Me” family sessions provide joyful opportunities for Grandmas (and Grandpas) to intentionally connect and play with their grandchildren!

We collaborate with local ministries that serve women and children effected by drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, violence, suicide, grief and loss. We partner with Bethany Christian Services of Central PA, providing Foster Care Preparation Groups for children and teens.

We serve at home learners by providing farm tours and equine educational classes for families, co-ops and hybrid learning institutions.

Call to learn more about Connected Kids, Stable Connections Teen Group, Kids Art in the Barn, Foster Care Preparations Groups, (Allender/Young) Story Matters women’s group, Understanding Codependency and Boundaries, Brene Brown Workshops, Home School Tours and Nourish Wellness Women’s Retreats.

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